Prianera offers furniture that is exclusively Italian, combining style, distinctiveness, research, tradition, and innovation. The brand's name originates from Pria Nera, the original name of the pencil, used for the first time in Italy in the XV century. 


Blade Table

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Table with a single central base painting steel base or with a wooden cover that opens towards the top with lightness and elegance, making it the protagonist of the scene.
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Nestled in the vision of the Tonin family, our odyssey unfurled in 1975. Embracing the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship while pushing the envelope of modern design, Tonin Casa has consistently offered avant-garde collections. Our relentless pursuit of beauty and function has led to the creation of timeless pieces that resonate with modern aesthetics and old-world charm.

Design with a Conscience

Championing the Cause: Their pledge to sustainability remains steadfast. Every piece, be it a sleek console or a plush sofa, is birthed from responsibly chosen materials. They employ non-toxic finishes, sustainable wood, and eco-friendly fabrics, underpinning their commitment to safeguarding our beautiful planet for future aficionados of design.

Artistry for Every Ambience

Their expansive collection caters to myriad tastes and sensibilities. Whether it's the modern allure of the Pois Consolle or the regal elegance of our classic collection, each offering is a symphony of design and functionality. With creations that not only accentuate spaces but also adapt to lifestyles, they ensure that every piece is a fusion of allure and purpose.

More than Furniture:
An Extension of You

Tonin Casa is not just about furniture; it's a reflection of passion, dreams, and values. We intricately weave design, technology, craftsmanship, and heritage, giving birth to creations that don’t just occupy spaces but live and breathe within them, echoing the essence of their beholders.

Tonin Casa