Prianera offers furniture that is exclusively Italian, combining style, distinctiveness, research, tradition, and innovation. The brand's name originates from Pria Nera, the original name of the pencil, used for the first time in Italy in the XV century. 


Knot Rectangular Table

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A fusion of solid wood's appeal and remarkable strength with the unique identity and symbolism of delicate knots, these tables are a visual masterpiece that exudes timeless beauty. Available in rectangular and round shapes, they offer versatile options to suit different preferences.
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District Eight

District Eight is a furniture brand established in 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The name refers to one of the city’s 24 districts, in the heart of which we set up our first factory and office. In this land where culture is lovingly celebrated, constantly redefined and taken to new heights.

Sophisticated Minimalism for the Modern Home

District Eight transcends the realm of mere furniture, crafting design objects that elevate the everyday. Their pieces, characterized by clean lines, textural volumes, and understated details, embody a sophisticated minimalism that seamlessly complements any living space.

Inspired by Vietnamese heritage

District eight designs and creates quality furniture inspired by Vietnamese heritage for modern-day living

Versatile Design for Every Space


Their wide-ranging variety of chairs, sofas, benches and stools demonstrates an affinity for clean lines, textural volumes, and understated details. The designs effortlessly fit into a diverse set of rooms and functions, offer versatility for pairings, while captivates with easy charm and enduring appeal.

Art of Vietnamese-Inspired Minimalism

District Eight