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Discover Innovation and Comfort in Yonata, Conlix, and Sigga X: Redefining Your Living Space

In the ever-evolving world of furniture design, innovation and comfort are the driving forces that elevate the everyday living experience. Introducing the Yonata, Conlix, and Sigga X collections – three exceptional ranges that seamlessly blend functionality with modern aesthetics, promising to redefine your living spaces.

Yonata Collection: Where Comfort Meets Versatility

In the pursuit of ultimate comfort, the Yonata collection breaks boundaries with its unique design. Developed with a double-sided upholstered back – one side serving as a backrest and the other as a mattress – Yonata introduces a new dimension of adaptability. The beauty lies in its simplicity; while back cushions offer an additional layer of comfort, Yonata’s structural design ensures your comfort needs are met even without them.

Constructed with durable steel and featuring Pocket Spring comfort, Yonata is engineered to offer both durability and luxury. Detachable covers provide convenience, allowing for easy machine washing and renewal. Made from 100% Recycled Polyester, Yonata is an embodiment of sustainable elegance. Defined by its voluminous double-sided comfort back, generous seat, and signature black legs in cast aluminum, Yonata marries minimalism, informality, and unparalleled comfort.

Yonata Collection: Sofa Bed | Innovation Living

Conlix Patchwork Blue Sofa Bed: Embracing Versatility and Elegance

Drawing inspiration from Nordic minimalism, the Conlix collection stands as a testament to versatility and longevity. Crafted with durable materials and detachable, washable covers, Conlix embodies the ethos of practicality and sophistication. The seamless transition from sofa bed to bed in seconds showcases its innovative design.

One of the standout features of Conlix is its detachable washable covers, which are both easy to remove and reattach thanks to a unique zipper design. This thoughtful addition ensures worry-free living, especially for households with children. The washable cover, easily maintained at 30 degrees Celsius, guarantees a prolonged product lifespan. Conlix’s bed position measures 140 x 200 cm, providing a comfortable resting spot for two. With its adaptable nature and enduring appeal, Conlix offers the promise of a sofa that grows with your needs, avoiding the need to replace the entire piece when a new cover can effortlessly refresh its look.

Conlix Patchwork Blue Sofa Bed | Innovation Living

Sigga X Sofa Bed 300: Where Elegance Meets Detail

The Sigga X collection is a symphony of design and detail, inspired by the exquisite stitching work of Paul Smith and De Padova. The zigzag stitching seam patterns add a layer of sophistication that sets this collection apart. Designed by Per Weiss in 2022, Sigga X embraces the concept of decorative stitches, combining elegance with functionality.

Sigga X transforms into a comfortable 190x137cm bed, providing a welcoming space for rest and relaxation. With a nod to affordability, Sigga X ensures that luxury and design are accessible to all, making it a cherished member of the Slyder family.

Sigga X Sofa Bed 300


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