You have entered the world of Himolla, where high style meets luxurious comfort. Experience the blend of modern aesthetics and luxurious functionality with our newest offerings. This is the hallmark of design that transcends time and is backed by a legacy that speaks for itself.

SIGNA 1052- Excellent comfort

Signa 1052 is comfy, welcoming and like a stage for life. Our furniture is more than representative; it symbols identity. SIGNA is an embracing user-friendly sculpture, elegant, sophisticated, innovative, and filigree. Exceptional design quality combined with usability and fine seating comfort. Foamed shells guarantee a back-pleasing experience. Innovative form follows function and ergonomics. Sliding arm-rests and invisible leg support provide a large area of relaxation


PROMOTION 1928- Elegant Sofa Set with A Reclining Function

Enjoy your free time and relax on your modern, comfortable sofa from himolla Polstermöbel. All of the more than 40 models in the PROMOTION 1928 range are distinguished by their lightweight appearance. The furniture comes with delicate feet and almost looks as if it is floating. It is available as a modular suite, or as a sofa or single lounger. Thanks to the integrated seat depth adjustment and electric leg rest, you can sit back and relax. Simply use the toggle switch on the side of the seat to conveniently adjust your sitting position.

CLEO – The Epitome of Modern Elegance

Elegance is not just about the looks. It’s about how you feel when you lay back on the CLEO couch. With its sleek design and adjustable features, this is not just a couch; it’s an invitation to dive into unparalleled comfort. The clean look accompanied by optional exposed wild oak side panels is sure to transform any living space into a posh haven. You can further complement the look with matching armchair. Its exclusive relax function, offering manual or electrically adjustable headrests and leg rests, ensures every second on this sofa feels like a luxurious retreat.


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