Introducing Twins and Cannolè Collections: Where Design Meets Comfort and Functionality

In the world of outdoor furniture, finding a perfect balance between design, functionality, and durability is a true art. That’s why we are excited to introduce the Twins and Cannolè collections – two stunning ranges that embody the fusion of innovative design and practicality.

Twins Collection: A Blend of Teak and Aluminum Expertise

The Twins collection is a testament to the harmony that can be achieved when design expertise meets material innovation. This collection showcases two distinct twin versions: one crafted entirely from teak, and the other an intriguing mix of teak and aluminium. This harmonious blend not only demonstrates the designer’s experience but also highlights EMU’s craftsmanship.

Consisting of seats, tables, and sofas, the Twins collection defies the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Its uniqueness lies in the seamless compatibility between the two versions and their ability to effortlessly complement other EMU collections.

Cannolè Collection: Where Tradition and Modern Design Converge

The Cannolè collection is an embodiment of comfort and functionality, making it a versatile addition to both classic and modern settings. This collection is a result of a magical transformation of knitwear tradition into a clear and contemporary design language. Drawing inspiration from the handmade ribbing technique, the Cannolè collection’s lines mimic the rhythmic patterns of the cannolè pastry.

The seats, adorned with unique padded cushions, offer versatility and customization. Modular elements with diverse compositions allow for easy assembly, enabling you to curate your relaxation space according to your preferences. A timeless style, the Cannolè collection effortlessly blends into contemporary, country, and classic environments.

Carousel Collection: Elegance Meets Marine Durability

Elegance meets resilience in the Carousel collection, a masterpiece suited for marine environments and extreme weather conditions. Crafted with an aluminum tubular easel frame, this collection exudes strength and sophistication. The seating’s unique aluminum alloy sheet design, joined with structural welding technology, not only ensures durability but also enhances aesthetics.

From dining armchairs to lounge armchairs, sofas to poufs, square and rectangular coffee tables – the Carousel collection offers a comprehensive range of pieces that perfectly balance functionality with artistic allure. The steel backrest structure supports decorative patterns, while rope weaving adorns every piece, adding an element of charm.

Carousel Collection: Two-Seat Sofa and Lounge Chair Series

Thanks to carefully selected materials, the Carousel collection guarantees long-lasting resistance and color stability, making it ideal for marine and extreme weather conditions.


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