Discover the Litos, Nesting, and Beyond: A Tale of Comfort and Design

In the world of furniture design, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty and seamlessly merging it with modern aesthetics is a remarkable feat. We are thrilled to introduce the Litos and Nesting collections – two exceptional ranges that redefine comfort and design, setting a new standard for interior elegance.

Litos Collection: Where Pebble-inspired Elegance Meets Comfort

The Litos collection, a creation of the visionary Giorgio Ragazzini, is a true marvel that celebrates the captivating harmony between upholstery and the sculpted allure of nature. At first glance, the upholstery volumes mirror the gentle curves of water-smoothed pebbles, showcasing an interplay of textures that evoke feelings of calm and relaxation.

Comprising a diverse range of elements including sofas, armchairs, ottomans, and chaise lounges, the Litos collection empowers you with the freedom to craft your own creative combinations. The possibilities are endless, resulting in a sophisticated interior landscape that elevates the essence of every design.

Litos Collections: Sofa | Prianera

Litos Armchair: Where Comfort and Organic Design Converge

The Litos armchair is the epitome of luxury and comfort, a testament to the seamless connection between natural inspiration and design ingenuity. With its solid structure, graceful curves, and generous dimensions, the armchair offers an abundance of compositional possibilities. Collaborating with Prianera, Giorgio Ragazzini breathes life into an entirely new upholstery system. The armchair’s soft curves blend harmoniously with the organic forms of each individual module, creating a sense of cozy indulgence that captivates both the eye and the senses.

Nesting Collection: Redefining Informal Elegance

Redefining the concept of informality, the Nesting collection ushers in a new era of clean lines, contemporary design, and generous shapes that exude a tangible sense of comfort. Its name echoes the warmth and security of a nest – a place of solace and respite. With a design that effortlessly fuses style with comfort, Nesting provides an extensive selection of dimensions, including deeper seats for those seeking total relaxation.

Nesting Collection: Sofa | Prianera

The Litos and Nesting collections are more than just furniture; they’re an embodiment of artistry, nature, and the modern lifestyle. Crafted to transcend boundaries, these collections invite you to create spaces that intertwine nature’s tranquility with contemporary elegance. Elevate your interior design with the Litos and Nesting collections – where comfort, style, and nature’s grace converge.


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