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Art Nova

Art Nova is described as having the dynamism and freshness of a start-up. Founded by Mario Piotti, he started his career as a prototypist and technical director for a few Italian upholstered furniture producers followed by establishing his own brand Art Nova.  

Art Nova bring together the artistry of bespoke product creation with the precision and efficiency of industrial production to offer a unique production reality.


With decades of experience in the industry, Art Nova is known for its expertise in creativity, style, and design, which has become our hallmark. As a result, Art Nova has established themselves as a leading global brand, providing custom-made solutions for discerning clients worldwide.

The Art Nova collection stands out for its formal and textile research, quality in details and extreme furnishing versatility. Sofas with movable backs, armchairs, beds and tables with an innovative but timeless design, products that are born for residential furnishings but also lend themselves to hospitality.

Whether it's designing exclusive showrooms or collaborating on custom projects, Art Nova pride themselves on being a trusted and reliable partner for all your design needs.

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